Recent work

The quest for color


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Ismenius 2003 - Claude Bellegarde

Ismenius 2003
38 x 33½ ins
ink on laminated fiber glass
Private collection


Ephémère, 2004 - Claude Bellegarde

Éphémère - Ephemeral
2004, 39½ x 39½ ins
ink on fiber glass
Private collection

An illusory reality of fleeting life. To see between two beats of an eyelash, to discover the slow metamorphosis of a caterpillar in its chrysalis, from the egg to the imago. At this ending, the earthly insect will fly away, abandoning its mask and its armor to carry out its transformation. CLAUDE BELLEGARDE: JOURNAL

Lydia Harambourg « Le voyage de la couleur » 2005 (extract)

In the Éphémère series, the fluidity of the colors brings to mind the fragility of Lepidoptera. Caring little for real forms, Bellegarde opts for line and color in the sole aim of evoking emotions that will find sensorial connections within each one of us, resulting in a succession of rapid movements and withdrawals when we approach the painting.

Vibrating in reaction to the real makes the world—as Bellegarde experiences it and rediscovers it on his journeys—accessible. He projects himself into the colored spaces that take possession of a canvas that refuses to be a mere illusory support. A canvas that is much more than a receptacle for the spectrum of light exalting color.

As did Odilon Redon, Bellegarde in turn provides—with the color of vision—a corollary to the eye-sun mimetism described by Goethe in his Theory of Colors.  What is he seeking with his gaze? A jubilation set in time, passing through all the nuances of clair-obscur.

… This carefree beauty in motion will be fleeting, from flower to flower, from morning to twilight, in all ranges of the earth’s song, a season at the very most, elegant and effortless in flight. Having achieved the reincarnation, it will expire. The colors will fade and disappear in the cycle of nature. Previously, it will have procreated in order to perpetuate the myth… the psyche. CLAUDE BELLEGARDE: JOURNAL