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The quest for color


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La faille, 2005 - Claude Bellegarde

La faille 2005
19½ x 16 ins
acrylic on canvas
Collection of the artist


Hymenee - Nuptial bond 2005 - Claude Bellegarde

Nuptial bond
2005, 27½ x 19½ ins
acrylic on canvas
Private collection

This gray, issue of the shadows, has at least known daylight. It would be the fruit of it, born at dawn. Is it present in the collective unconscious, like the gray ash of the sojourn of the dead or that of the cooling of the earth at its origin, from which the rainbow is born?… CLAUDE BELLEGARDE: JOURNAL


Today, the color gray has taken possession of the surface, which is still offered for metamorphosis. In its turn, gray has become a privileged liaison, forming a starting point for potential imagination, in sensory connivance with color variations.

To emerge from white and pass on to gray, taking in detours that reveal the active glow and effect of color on the environment and on oneself, is quite simply to demonstrate the passage of color.


Bellegarde has succeeded in capturing a thread from the past and stretching it forward into the future. That thread is the color gray that melts on the canvas of forms and signals of color, inducing new transparency. Because it isn’t really neutral, it is an authentic color beneath and beyond the color we experience.

So, by various means and with magnificent style, Bellegarde makes the light shimmer. And we observe, on those canvases full of mystery and grace, here an orange twine of vibration, there a red droplet of buried desires… All of these canvases invite contemplation…

… The fusion of colors provokes our emotions. The energetic power manifests more in the warm color range; red, orange, yellow; attenuated, those which are know as having a “cold” intensity are conducive to meditation. Gray neutralizes and its effect is calming; it distances itself from the duality of life. But gray captures colors in their infinite variations. It can also be the setting in which colors are revived. CLAUDE BELLEGARDE: JOURNAL